The British Epigraphy Society: Committee and Contacts



Prof. Robert Parker, President (to 2006)

New College, Oxford

Dr Gabriel Bodard (to 2008) King's College London

Dr Alison Cooley, AIEGL rep (to 2006)

University of Warwick

Dr David French (to 2007) Cambridge
Dr Peter Haarer, Secretary (to 2007) CSAD, Oxford

Dr Peter Liddel (to 2007)

University of Manchester

Dr Polly Low (to 2009)

University of Manchester

Dr Nicholas Milner, Treasurer (to 2009)


Dr Jonathan Prag (to 2006)

Merton College, Oxford


Queries about membership, including information about changes of address, should be sent to the secretary:, or 19 Purcell Road, Marston, Oxford, OX3 0EZ.

Announcements for the newsletter should be sent to Jonathan Prag:, or Merton College, Oxford, OX1 4JD


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