The British Epigraphy Society:

Speakers for Schools

One of the aims of the BES is to promote the study of epigraphy in the UK at all levels, including schools. To this end, several members of the Society have agreed to appear on a list of speakers (compiled by the Society) willing to visit schools in order to lecture on a variety of topics inspired by inscriptions. Schools are invited to contact speakers directly at the addresses given below. Some attempt has been made to offer a range of topics and geographical scope in speakers' origins. Please contact if you have any suggestions concerning this initiative. In most cases, subject matter can be moulded to school/local syllabus requirements.

List of Speakers


'Epigraphy! What's that?'
'Keep taking the tablets - inscriptions and Greek history'
'Written on stone: the epigraphy of death'
'Text and context: where do inscriptions come from?'
'"I am the boundary": organising life in the Athenian polis'

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