Imaging Projects

Building an Image Bank of Inscriptions

The Centre is undertaking a long-term project to create a library of digitised images of Greek inscriptions, based in the first instance on material in its squeeze collection. The scope and technical details of the project are described in this article.

Imaging Roman Stilus Tablets

The Centre undertook a joint project with the Department of Engineering Science at Oxford University between 1997-2002 to develop a new computer-based image-enhancement technique for incised material. The scope and technical details of the project are described in this article.

Images of Inscriptions

Images of several hundred inscriptions are now available for viewing and downloading at resolutions of 72 dpi and 150 dpi. The images are listed according to geographical region - except for Attic inscriptions, which have been further divided between IG I and IG II texts. To find inscriptions from a particular area, follow the links below:

Images from the Cox Archive

The archive of notebooks, photographs and squeezes from Sir Christopher Cox's two Phrygian expeditions in 1925 and 1926 which formed the basis for Barbara Levick's and Stephen Mitchell's publication of volumes IX and X of Monumenta Asia Minoris Antiqua in 1988 and 1993 have been deposited in the Centre by Dr. Levick. The Centre has begun a project to digitise this material, starting with the photographs of inscriptions in MAMA volume X.

Laconia Survey Inscriptions

Photographs and squeezes of inscriptions on stone, stamped tiles, bricks and pottery recorded by Graham Shipley during the Laconian Survey Project (1983-39) are now available.

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