Seminar Programme

The Centre's regular seminar series, "Ancient Documents Old and New" continues into Trinity Term with four papers on epigraphical and papyrological topics. The programme is as follows:

25 April John Ma, "Around OGIS 219"

9 May Roger Bagnall, "An Agricultural Account Book from the Dakleh Oasis"

23 May John Rea, "Apion II and Apa Hierax"

6 June Traianos Gagos, "The Carbonised Papyri from Petra"

Meetings are held at 5.00 pm on Thursday afternoons in the Centre at 67 St. Giles.

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Graduate Seminar

Local vs. International Languages in Ancient Documentary Evidence

There will be a Graduate Discussion Group in the Centre on alternating Thursday afternoons at 5.00 pm in weeks when there is no Ancient Documents seminar. These meetings are mainly intended for postgraduate students. The provisional programme is as follows:

2 May Inscriptions:
Alison Davies, "Latin rules OK! Epigraphic cleansing at Pompeii"

30 May Coins:
Richard Fowler, "The rise of non-Greek coin legends in the Hellenistic Near East" Volker Heuchert, "Asia Minor"

13 June Papyri:
Csaba La'da, "Who were 'those of the epigone'?"

Further details are available from Alison Davies at St. John's College.

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Visiting Scholars

The Centre welcomes Dr. Traianos Gagos, Assistant Professor of Greek and Papyrology and Associate Archivist in Papyrology at the Special Collections Library of the University of Michigan. Dr. Gagos has been awarded a British Academy Visiting Fellowship to work at the Centre during May and June, and will be giving a paper in the Centre's Trinity Term seminar series.

Dr. Gagos is well known for his work as a papyrologist and in the digitisation of the collection of papyri at Michigan. Among his recent publications are (with Peter Van Minnen) Settling a Dispute: Toward a Legal Anthropology of Late Antique Egypt (Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 1994) and editions of 14 papyri for Vol. LXI of the Oxyrhynchus Papyri

The Centre is able to provide a base for a limited number of visiting scholars working in fields related to its activities. Enquiries should be addressed to the Director.

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Other News

Prof. W. Eck writes from Munich that a final publication of the Senatus Consultum de Cn. Pisone patre in two versions (Spanish and German) is now in press and should be available later in the summer. Publication details are as follows: A. Caballos, W. Eck, Fdo. Fernandez, El s.c. de Cn. Pisone patre, Sevilla 1996; W. Eck, A. Caballos, Fdo. Fernandez, Das s. c. de Cn. Pisone patre, Vestigia, Muenchen 1996.

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Circulation and Contributions

This is the second newsletter of the Centre for the Study of Ancient Documents. Subsequent issues will be circulated biannually in Autumn and Spring. The Newsletter invites contributions of news, reports and discussion items from and of interest to scholars working in the fields of the Centre's activities - epigraphy and papyrology understood in the widest sense. The Newsletter is circulated to individual scholars on the Centre's mailing list and is also available from the Centre's WWW site in HTML format or for downloading, either as a text file or as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file. Contributions, together with other enquiries and requests to be placed on the Centre's mailing list, should be addressed to the Administrator at the Centre.

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