Laconia Survey Inscriptions

Between 1983 and 1989 a joint team from the British School at Athens and the Universities of Amsterdam and Nottingham carried out an intensive survey of a 70 sq. km. area of Laconia across the Eurotas river to the east of the ancient site of Sparta. In the course of the survey new and previously-known inscriptions were recorded. This site is intended to serve as a complement to G. Shipley's catalogue of epigraphical finds in the survey publication by offering digitised images of squeezes and published photographs of the inscriptions.

Laconian Landscape

Laconian landscape scene within the survey area, to the east of Sparta

The Laconia Survey Inscriptions site was designed and created by Frédérique Landuyt; funding was supplied by a British Academy Small Grant and a grant from the University of Leicester's Faculty of Arts to Graham Shipley.

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