MAMA IX-X: Images from the Cox Archive

Digitised Images from the Cox Archive

The archive of notebooks, photographs and squeezes from Sir Christopher Cox's two Phrygian expeditions in 1925 and 1926 which formed the basis for Barbara Levick's and Stephen Mitchell's publication of volumes IX and X of Monumenta Asia Minoris Antiqua in 1988 and 1993 have been deposited in the Centre by Dr. Levick.

Visitors interested in Phrygia in general might wish to consult Blaise Fiedler's new Phrygians site.

Both MAMA IX and X were published with extensive photographic documentation, but the constraints of publication costs and processes prevented the excellent negatives from Cox's expeditions from being printed at larger than contact print size. As a complement to the full editions of the texts of the inscriptions in MAMA IX and X, high resolution digitised images of the photographs and supporting material are being made available from the CSAD WWW server.

Digitisation of the negatives for MAMA volume X is almost complete. A preliminary group of images from MAMA vol. X can be viewed immediately. For digitisation, the negatives were scanned at 600 dpi on the Centre's UMAX Powerlook scanner. These images were then archived in TIFF format. Downsized versions of the scans are available on our WWW server in JPEG format at snapshot size (maximum dimension 400 pixels) and 300 dpi. The 600 dpi originals are available for consultation on request.

Comments from users on the images are welcomed and can be submitted directly through the feedback form.

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