David Lewis Lecture

The Seventh David Lewis Lecture was delivered by Mrs. Charlotte Roueché of King's College London on 22 May, 2002 in the Garden Quad Auditorium, St. John's College. The title of Mrs. Roueché's lecture was "Epigraphy and the New World Order".

Mrs. Roueché took the history of the Monumenta Asiae Minoris (MAMA) project, one of whose founders was her grandfather W.H. Buckler, as a paradigm for the spirit of international cooperation between scholars which is now reflected in the Epidoc initiative to create standards for the encoding of epigraphical texts. The lecture traced the history of MAMA through its creation in the aftermath of the 1919 Paris Peace Conference, the favourable reception of its early volumes, and the projected collaboration of Louis Robert with Buckler on a volume for Aphrodisias which was frustrated by permit dificulties in 1935. The lecture drew on a fascinating range of archive photographs and private correspondence to illuminate the history of epigraphical scholarship in Asia Minor during the 20th century.

The Lewis Lecturer for 2003 will be Prof. John Davies of Liverpool University. The title and further details of his lecture will be announced in the next issue of the Newsletter.

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