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Newsletter No. 8, Autumn/Winter 1999

RIB III: towards a new volume of The Roman Inscriptions of Britain
A New Edition of Post-403 B.C. Athenian Inscriptions
Épigraphie et Informatique
CSAD News and Events
Classics Centre
Imaging Incised Texts
Oxyrhynchus Papyri Digitisation Project
Monumentum Ephesinum Colloquium
Lewis Lecture
"Ancient Documents Old and New"
"From Stewartstown to Smyrna: a numismatist's epigraphic notebook"
"What's in a name: when is an ethnic really ethnic?"
"Busy Days for Attic Epigraphy: 307 to 301 B.C."
"Epigraphy and the Athenian Cleruchy on Samos"
New Writing Tablets from Vindolanda
British Epigraphy Society
CSAD Events, Autumn 1999
Visitors to CSAD
Don Fowler
Circulation and Contributions

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