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Search Methods

The Search Engine used on this site is designed primarily to support natural language queries. The more that your query resembles the documents you are looking for, the better your results will be. Queries of the following general forms are likely to work best:

Description Search

Simply describe the information that you want. For example, "Published Volumes of Oxyrhynchus Papyri"

Question Search

Ask a question that you want answered. For example, "Where do I find an inscription/papyrus from ...?"

Keyword Search

List important keywords relevant to your search topic. For example, "inscription papyrus image text photograph"

Searches are not case sensitive. You can enter the words in your query in any order. The search engine will compare them to the data in the index and find all files with at least one of the search terms. When it returns the results, the search engine will automatically rank them from most relevant (100%) to least relevant (10%).

The search engine will accept and interpret incomplete search terms if they form a significant fraction of an identifiable word in the index. For example, the simple query "athe" will produce no matching terms, but "athen" will find "Athens", "Athenian", and "Athena".


A Sherlock plug-in is available for users of Apple Macintosh System 8.5 and above's Sherlock search utility.

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